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9/24/14                                                                                                                Hello All,
       With all the good news that has been coming from Loyalhanna Outpost, we have to announce a downer. Due to cost of production and material, we have to raise the price $1.00 on Galloping Major packs. If you check the currency converter, you will find that 10 pounds converts to $16.35. I am keeping my cost at $16.00 to try and keep it a little less painful.
       This price increase actually took place back in April, but I already had stock on hand. So I was able to keep the prices down for 5 months. I am now restocking and now paying the extra $1.35 a pack. On October 1st all packs of Galloping Major figures will increase by $1.00. We are also discontinuing the Reiver and Elizabethan line and stocking only Galloping Major and Crann Tara.
                                     take care,

Welcome to the Loyalhanna Outpost. We are the US retailer of Galloping Major Miniatures and Crann Tara Miniatures. Galloping Major Miniatures is the manufacturer of fine 28mm pewter miniatures for the gamer and collector. The current period is the French and Indian War with "The Western Range" soon to be released. Also there will be more ranges in the future. Also when you order 4 packs or more of Galloping Major Miniatures, you will receive a free specialty figure. Crann Tara is a superb range of 28mm figures for the Jacobite Rebellion . Currently there are 13 codes available from Crann Tara with more coming in the future . All figures come unpainted.  We may be contacted at:

         Warning: These miniatures are not toys and are not suitable for children.  
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Visit our online store to purchase our products:  http://www.shop.loyalhannaoutpost.com/
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